Tahiti 7-day suggested yacht itinerary

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Tahiti 7-day suggested yacht itinerary

Exotic paradise straight from picture books. A French Polynesia yacht charter vacation is the best way to truly explore the turquoise waters and lush scenery. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, one of the most secluded islands on earth offer unrivalled tropical dreamy destination.

A perfect year-round sailing destination that offers balmy trade winds, rich coral reefs, picturesque lagoons and serene white sand beaches. The Society Islands offer something for everyone; diving, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, exploring, hiking and don’t forget the exciting cuisine with French, Chinese and local influence.

Day 1 - Arrival

Upon arrival at the Apooiti Marina, you’ll be greeted by our base crew and welcomed onto your yacht. Once you launch, you’ll be enjoying the beautiful coastline of Raiatea sailing for Motu Taoru. Raiatea is enclosed within a barrier reef and breathtaking mountains. The rich lagoon of Motu Taoru boasts lustrous tropical fish which make it a perfect snorkeling pit stop.

Tip: Cruise over to Ofetaro Motu if a picnic on a deserted island is on your bucket list.

Day 2 - Navigate over to Raiatea’s little sister island Taha’a

Cruise between the coral reef into Ha’amene Bay where you can visit for the night. The island offers black pearl farms and incredible hiking with picture-perfect views of the South Pacific. Motu Mahea is also a perfect turquoise stop for more water activities.

Tip: Tickle your sense with the incredible aroma of vanilla when you visit the Vanilla House, where raw beans are processed.

Day 3 - Cruise on the Taha’a coastline towards Motu Tautau

Cruise on over past breathtaking beaches and picture-perfect bays along the Taha’a coastline towards Motu Tautau. The secluded Motu Tautau offers views of the French Polynesian leading lady Bora Bora and the picturesque island of Taha’a.

Tip: Snorkel the shallow waters and the luscious coral gardens of Motu Tautau.

Day 4 - Cruising the turquoise open waters of the French Polynesia

Today you’ll be cruising the turquoise open waters of the French Polynesia. Heading over to Motu To-opua, a tiny islet between Bora Bora and the vibrant coral reef. This isolated spot offers the unique opportunity to dive with eagle rays.

Tip: When anchored, face west and enjoy the most memorable sunset of your life.

Day 5 - Cruise into the dreamy island of Bora Bora

Cruise into the dreamy island of Bora Bora and engulf yourself into the lush tropical hills, world’s most beautiful white sand beaches and a tropical coral reef. One of the most famous and beautiful islands, known as a Romantic Paradise but it has so much more to offer. Dive or snorkel the abundant coral reef and experience lemon, reef or hammerhead sharks in their habitat.

Tip: The island was used as a US military base during WWII, don’t leave without checking out the left-over artefacts

Day 6 - The vanilla-scented island of Taha’a

If you can bring yourself to leave Bora Bora then you’ll return to the vanilla-scented island of Taha’a. This time around, sail for Apu Bay where you can enjoy a serene stroll along the forested shoreline.

Tip: Spend some time exploring the nearby black pearl farm and watch the latest pearl harvest

Day 7 - Sail to Apooiti Marina

On your final day, you’ll sail from Apu Bay to Apooiti Marina at our Raiatea base. But don’t fret; take your time and enjoy the lovely corals and reefs along the way.

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"Tahiti 7-day suggested yacht itinerary"

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